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The deepest Lake: Lake Khuvsgul

Tallest Waterfall: Arsain river waterfall is in Khoridol Saridag Range lies along the west shore of the Khuvsgul Lake. The waterfall is around 70 meter tall.

The waterfall with the most water:  Red waterfall is located in  Orkhon Valley  of Uvurkhangai province. The waterfall is about 10 metres wide and falls from 24 metres.

Biggest glacier river: Potanin Glacier is 20 km long,  meter tall and is located in Altai Tavan Bogd national park. This glacier was named after Russian researcher Dr. Potanin G.H. who did most of his research on Mongolia. There many other glaciers such as Tsast mountain, Tsambagarav,  Munkh mountain, Sutai, Tsengel mountain etc, 

The hottest spring water: Shargaljuut is the hot spring with the most water reserves. The hot spring reserve temperature is around 60-93 Celcius. Its located in 58 km from Bayankhongor province and 678km from Ulaanbaatar city. Drinking, bathing, mud mask and steaming in hot sauna are the main treatment for the disease such as the joints, liver biliary, chronic convulsions, and high blood pressure.

The tallest tree: Fir tree

Biggest province by land: Umnugovi (South gobi) is  times bigger than Belgium, 4 times bigger than Holland.

The biggest animal: Moose: male moose is called manj and its is noticeable by its large antlers. Their antlers start growing around March and by the end of July, its fully developed. Every winter around November and December, the moose’s antlers fall off to make room for the new growth. Their antlers weigh around 10-26kg. Female moose is called Sundes and calves are called Hotol. They carry their babies for 8 months and usually gives birth around May or June. They usually have twins but there are some cases of single calves. Calves are called differently by their ages, two year old is Hohi and 3 year old is Tozuul. Moose’s body length is around 200-300cm, height is 170-230 cm and weighs around 300-500kg. Moose lives around Renchinlkhumbe, Red mountain, Tsagaan uur and Chandmani-Undur sum in Khuvsgul province. They usually eat water plants as they are an excellent swimmer.

Fastest bird: Eagle is the fastest birds. Where eagle can go 190km/h.

Rarest fish: Sturgeon

The biggest fish: Taimen

A bird that flies on the highest: Bearded vulture flies around 7500 meter high.

Rarest bird: Siberian white crane, there is only 250-300 of its kind around the world.


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