For those who are visiting Ulaanbaatar, we are providing a concise introduction of “Museums in Ulaanbaatar” or knows as UB in short. You can choose the museum that you would like to explore during your tours with us whilst you are in UB.

For your curiosity
Historic, cultural, ethnic, scientific, and natural valuables of this country being reserved for centuries make the museums here attention-catching and worth-visiting. Permanent and temporary exhibitions in the frames of Ancient Mongolian Lands, Ancient nations, the mesmerising art of Mongolian traditional clothing & accessories, the Great Mongolian Empire which reigned the world in the XIII century, Traditional culture, Mongolian traditional lifestyle, Arts & Music, Mongolia during the Socialist-Communist decades, the Democratic Revolution in 1990, Contemporary Art and yes, the list goes on. These museums will most definitely prove you why Mongolia is, in fact, a must-visit exotic destination with a prolific history and extraordinary cultural customs, lifestyle, and so on, and so forth.

Which museums to visit
The top museums in the modern-day Ulaanbaatar for your convenience is introduced below: The most popular museums consistently conducting collective and exhibitive works are: National History Museum of Mongolia, Choijin Lama Temple Museum, Mongolian Statehood History Museum, Ulaanbaatar City Museum, Bogd Khaan Winter Palace Museum of Mongolia, G.K Jukov House Museum, Manzushir Museum, Memorial Museum of the Victims of Political Repression, Wildlife Museum, International Intellectual Museum, The Central Museum of Mongolian Dinosaurs, Steam Locomotive Museum, Mongolian Military Museum, Mongol Costumes Museum, Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts and so forth.

In case you want examples
Let’s take the Memorial Museum of the Victims of Political Repression as an example. This Museum, for instance, differs from others with its cruelly honest artefacts from the darkest times in contemporary Mongolian history – the political prosecution of Mongolia’s elites and talented writers, politicians, artists, scientists, which was conducted during the 1930’s under Stalin’s communists. One could say the interior is quiet depressing and murky judging from the haunting atmosphere. The most poignant exhibit is hands-down the skulls of political prisoners with bullet holes through them. This museum was once the residence of a former Prime Minister Genden.P, who was shot in Moscow by the KGB in 1937 due to his resistance against Stalinist prosecution. Therefore, now the museum also exhibits Genden’s room with his desk and personal belongings. This is not a place to visit for an uplifting experience, but for an education of the recent callous past.

Oh, this country. Quirky in the most phenomenal, fascinating and alluring ways! Merely taking a glimpse at one of its historical palaces will easily lure you in on a mission to explore this place. And what do you think will help you complete the mission? Indeed, the museums. Well? Who has already started packing for a trip to the land of Mongols?


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